Pre-owned BodyGuard T500 Treadmill

$4,399.00  $1,599.00
Save: $2,800.00


Less than 1000 KM of use!

The T500 incorporates all of Bodyguard’s award winning technologies with thier largest 22” x 60” running belt providing a premium exercise experience for users. This treadmill uses a premium longer lasting commercial-grade running belt that increases system performance and durability.

The Certified PreOwned Bodyguard T500 Treadmill passed a rigorous inspection by our own, Fitness Exchange Service Team. Backed by a 30 day parts warranty.

Only available for purchase in-store or by phone.


Certified PreOwned

Pre-owned BodyGuard T500 Treadmill *LIKE NEW*

Made For Running

The Bodyguard T500 treadmill is made for running because of its high speed and larger surface area. The larger surface area accommodates the longer strides you take while running versus walking. At 1,200 sq in, this treadmill's stride area is about the size of the average treadmill made for running.

Hill Climbs

The incline on the T500 allows you to mimic hills. The treadmill can increase its slant up to 15%, and will allow you to feel the burn of a great hill workout.


The programs use the treadmill's features to create diverse and interesting workouts. The treadmill can automatically change speed and incline to give you an interval or hill workout, and the heart rate monitoring system can be used to create a workout based on your pulse.


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