LifeSpan C3i Upright Bike

$1,599.00  $749.00
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The C3i upright bike’s quiet, powerful capabilities bring elite fitness home. A comfortable upright position, 19 unique seat adjustments, and heavily-padded seat let you exercise to your fullest in luxury. The color 4” by 2.75” LCD console displays your pedal revolutions, workout time, distance covered, and calories burned, while the built-in USB port saves your information for easy upload to your Club account. As convenient as it is capable, a minimal footprint removes all stress from post-workout storage.


Only available for purchase in-store or by phone.


LifeSpan C3i Upright Bike *FLOOR MODEL*
LifeSpan C3i Upright Bike *FLOOR MODEL*
LifeSpan C3i Upright Bike *FLOOR MODEL*


Superior Components for Lasting Fitness - Superior hardware directly translates into higher caliber, longer-lasting products. LifeSpan’s dedication to quality is on fully display with the C3i’s enhanced drive system. Built to last for years, a commercial bottom bracket with over-sized bearings and strong, cast-metal components make the C3i quiet, reliable, and durable.


Comfortable, Adjustable Seat - The cushioned seat has 19-height adjustment settings to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable ride. Adjustments range from 30” up to 41”, measuring from the top of the seat to the fully extended pedal, supporting most users from 5'0” to 6'8” tall.

  • 19 Height Adjustment Settings.


Programs Customized To Your Ambitions - Guiding you to your ideal health and fitness, the C3i comes with 21 easy-to-navigate exercise programs. Designed by exercise physiologists to expedite your progress, these safe, effective regimens help you to master your cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat.

  • 21 Easy-to-Navigate Exercise Programs.


Keeping You On Top Of Your Progress - An included dual-purpose USB port charges your mobile devices during your workout and saves your pedal revolutions, distance, calories, and duration data for manual upload to your LifeSpan Club account when you’re finished.


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