SpeedFit SpeedBoard Pro XL Treadmill



Non-Motorized Curved Treadmill

The Ultimate in Performance

Instantly Conforms To Your Workout



Once you run on the SpeedFit, you'll never go back. The curve promotes proper posture and encourages the runner to lift their knees promoting a proper "ball of your feet" foot strike. The curve, combined with the frictionless cushioned slats absorb shock for a virtually no-impact workout. Walk, jog, run, sprint, or immediately stop. The ProXL instantly responds to you. The Speedboard ProXL has no speed limit!




The Speedboard ProXL is designed with a closed bearing system and a frictionless slat belt, the end result is a smooth and quiet with zero maintenance required. The belt system requires no adjustments and has a lifespan of 150,000 miles, which is 10 times longer than the average treadmill. There is no need to replace the controllers or motors as with other treadmills because you are the motor!

SpeedFit SpeedBoard Pro XL Treadmill NON-MOTORIZED TREADMILL!

The result is much like running outside – and isn’t that the point of it all? There’s nothing else like it – it’s unique, indeed!


Step onto the Speedboard and the gravity of your own body brings it to life! Begin walking, step up a little further on the curved surface and begin running, step up even further and you can start to sprint, step backward and the Speedboard will stop. The Speedboard’s innovative, patented engineering provides a completely natural running experience – it’s the only treadmill that gives you the same control as leaving your front door — you dictate your pace not a machine!


The patented Speedboard Pro XL is the first manual treadmill that lets you run effortlessly, with better performance and workouts than you would expect from a motorized treadmill or at the track. The curved profile with its soft tread belt matches your stride, reduces joint stress and allows you to naturally adjust your speed from standing still to a full-out sprint, simply by adjusting your position on the treadbelt.


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