Pre-owned Precor AMT100i

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Precor products are designed for ease-of-use with intuitive displays that help users get on and get going. The AMT does more than customize a workout, it customizes a movement - adapting to your motion - which means you can completely change the motion and path of your steps without so much as the push of a button. The Adaptive Motion Trainer meets the needs of the most demanding users and provides a challenging alternative to any exerciser looking for variety and the chance to experience freedom of movement. For 25 years Precor has been a leader in the fitness industry, delivering breakthrough innovations and premium quality products for the home and club. 

The Certified PreOwned Precor AMT passed a rigorous inspection by our own, Fitness Exchange Service Team. Sold As-Is. Please call for availability and sale pricing.

Only available for purchase in-store or by phone.



Certified PreOwned

Pre-owned Precor AMT100i
Pre-owned Precor AMT100i
Pre-owned Precor AMT100i


  • Contralateral Arm Movement For Natural Motion - Arm and leg movements are coordinated, reflecting the way you naturally move through life.
  • Dual-Plane Resistance Refines Workload - A patented system that applies resistance to both horizontal and vertical planes of motion, adding yet another dimension for you to customize your workout.
  • 0 - 27 Inch Stride Length Provides Unlimited Variation - Choose your movement and change it as often as your heart and mind desire. Adaptive motion helps create new possibilities and rewards.
  • Stride Dial Tracks Muscle Engagement - Monitoring your motion in real time, you get instant feedback on how your muscles respond to different movements.


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