LifeSpan E2i Elliptical

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Experience whole-body training with zero compromise. The E2i elliptical machine provides exceptional cardiovascular and fat-burning abilities, as well as integrated ramping power to specifically target your calves, quads, and glutes.



Craft a custom, toned, sleek lower body with 20 levels of intensity that pair with 20 unique ramp settings. With included CoreBalance™ technology, you’re always certain of balanced, equal distribution of efforts.



Optional Bluetooth* receiver supports Active Trac™ and Train & Trac™ apps to get the most out of your workouts and automatically capture your results. It’s easy to install via the removable access panel on the back of the console. Installation allows you to wirelessly connect your equipment to your Android device or iPad® to automatically synchronize your results with your LifeSpan Club account. *Only the LifeSpan Bluetooth adapter is compatible with the equipment.

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LifeSpan E2i Elliptical
LifeSpan E2i Elliptical
LifeSpan E2i Elliptical
LifeSpan E2i Elliptical
LifeSpan E2i Elliptical


Your Results, On Your Favorite Apps - Get fit. Then get credit for your efforts on the app you already love. Whether you use MyFitnessPal, Up by Jawbone, Strava, or countless others, the Active Trac app syncs your elliptical’s fitness data into the location of your choosing. Google Fit and Apple Health make it simple for both iPhone and Android smartphones, letting you track your progress exactly as you choose. *Bluetooth-capable equipment requires a LifeSpan Bluetooth adapter, sold separately.


Injury-Reducing Corebalance Technology - Develop perfect equilibrium from the moment you begin exercising. A LifeSpan-exclusive feature, CoreBalance technology identifies exactly where effort imbalances may exist from the first stride that you take. Integrated pedal sensors detect the precise amount of force from each leg and display your unique data directly to the elliptical’s console.

  • Asymmetry can lead to muscular imbalance, which is generally regarded as an injury risk factor, leading to back and joint pain.
  • Symmetry and balance of movement can be an effective mechanism to reduce injury.


Muscle Targeting Precision - The E2i is armed with technology to help you get the exact results you desire, in minimal time. Experience boundless training potential with 20 grades of intensity and 20 distinct ramp levels, letting you target individual muscles at the precise force you desire. Develop incredible cardiovascular fitness as you target your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.

  • 20 Grades of Intensity and 20 Distinct Ramp Levels.


Powerfully Constructed - Fit to handle your most intense workouts, the E2i boasts a sturdy all-steel frame and solid 25-pound flywheel. Coast smoothly with a comfortable, 20” stride length and an ergonomically-tuned Q-factor, precision-engineered to provide smooth motion patterns, quiet operation, and miles of effective training.

  • Solid 25-Pound Flywheel.
  • 20” Stride Length and an Ergonomically-Tuned Q-Factor.


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