Treadmill That Converts Into A Table Or Bench

Latest Fitness Innovation Just In Time For New Years Resolutions!

Spacewalker Treadmill Folds Into A Table

The Spacewalker Treadmill is the answer to your New Years Resolution goals – stylish furniture for a small or multi-use space, yet robust enough to offer a great workout. No need to choose between how you utilize your den – making it a workout space or a family space. Just open up the treadmill to workout and close it up to be a sleek table or bench when you’re done. And it comes in multiple colors to go with any décor.

Don’t let a lack of space stop you from achieving your fitness goals. The new folding, Spacewalker Treadmill actually folds up to become a stylish and modern table.

The innovative design doesn’t cheat you out of a well-built, fully-functioning treadmill. It features low-impact shock absorption, heart rate sensors, and a 4 ply belt. The Spacewalker Treadmill will give you a complete workout that will help you achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing space or style.

Many folding treadmills are hard to move and fold. But on the Spacewalker Treadmill, with just a push of a button you are on your way to a healthier you. Plus, when you’re done with your workout, not only can you stow the power cord away in a discreet compartment, but you can also easily move the treadmill into place with the low profile wheels.

The new and innovative Spacewalker Treadmill is truly how FORM meets FUNCTION.…

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  1. Brilliant! Seems like a useful contraption.

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