Sandbags and Sandbells – How Cool Are They!

Have the beach on the brain? Bring some sand into your workout world by incorporating Sandbags and Sandbells!

Sandbags come in different shapes and weights. They’re filled with steel sand and can be used in a variety of exercises. Lift them, throw them, or pass them to a partner.

If you cross a sandbag with a dumbbell, barbell, grip bag, medicine ball, slam ball, stability pod, gliding disk, and a kettlebell… what do you get? Sandbells! They come in a variety of sizes and weights, plus they also stack for simple and space-saving storage.

Like Sandbags, Sandbells can be used individually or with a partner to increase intensity and effectiveness of an exercise. They’re ideal for tossing, slamming, flipping, and throwing! Perform your favorite kettlebell exercises by gripping these flexible bags.

Add sand to your summertime workouts for a fun twist to functional training!

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