Getting Kids Fit And Active

Get Your Kids Fit

The current recommendation is that kids spend at least 60 minutes per day exercising. This includes recess, gym class, playtime, and organized sports/classes. For some kids, meeting this recommendation is easy! They’re the ones playing sports or tag at recess and they head outside the moment they get off the school bus. For kids who are more content with inactive pastimes, meeting this recommendation can be more challenging.

What’s a parent to do? Start by casually asking your child what they like to do at recess or what they did in gym class. Try to gauge how much time they spend exercising at school. If they’re not in organized sports, see if you can find an activity or class they would enjoy after school. The key is to choose something that interests them so they’ll want to attend. Check with local gyms and organizations like the YMCA to find age and level appropriate classes that best suit your child.

Lead by example. Set aside active family time like riding bikes, taking the dog for a brisk evening walk, or doing a fit trail at the park.

Help your child be active today so they can adopt a healthy lifestyle for years to come!

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