Fun Fitness Trivia That May Surprise You

Sometimes trivia is a fun way to learn more about health and exercise, or at the very least impress your friends at parties. Anyway, here are some fun tid-bits on fitness:

  • It takes 70 muscles to speak a single word.
  • People who are physically inactive can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade after age 30.
  • It can take about 200,000 frowns to make a permanent wrinkle.
  • Eating spicy foods an hour or two before you workout has been shown to increase your metabolism.
  • People in Sweden refer to interval training as fartlek, which means “speed play.”
  • On average, every minute you walk extends your life by one and a half to two minutes.
  • Your heart beats approximately 100,000 times per day. That means that in just 10 days, your heart beats one million times.
  • Your Brain is 2% of your body weight, yet uses 20% of the oxygen.
  • On average, you breathe 700 gallons of air per hour.
  • A normal sized heart weighs about the same amount as a softball.

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  2. Nai'im says:

    The number of fat cells in your body is determined at birth. A gain in bodyfat does not increase the number of fat cells, but rather the size of the existing fat cells. – (This is false, fat cells do increase in number with fat gain.)

    Some adults develop new fat cells

    When normal-weight people gain modest amounts of fat, they do so by enlarging the fat cells in their upper body subcutaneous fat depot. In contrast, gain of lower body fat is largely the result of increasing the number of fat cells. Dr. Jensen highlights: “We found that the gain of as little as 1.2 kg of leg fat resulted in an average gain of 2.6 billion new fat cells! This finding refuted the long-held belief that adult humans do not develop new fat cells but are instead stuck with those that developed in their adolescence.

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