Benefits Of Upper Body Ergometers

Upper Body Ergometers (UBEs) are designed for you to strengthen and condition your upper body, as well as get a cardiovascular workout, by only using your arms. Not only are UBEs used in rehabilitation settings, but they are also widely used by elite athletes and sports teams. These machines are not as well known as treadmills or ellipticals, but there are many benefits to incorporating them into your fitness routine.

  • Flexibility – The shoulder joint has greater range of motion capability than any other joint in your body. Flexibility is important because it enables your arms to perform all kinds of activities such as pushing, pulling, reaching, and lifting.
  • Improve Core Strength and Stability – The upper body rotary motion fires core stabilizing muscles, strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.
  • Alternative Strength Training – In addition to cardiovascular work, Upper Body Exercisers can be used as a safe, simple strength program. As a bonus, it can save you time since it combines cardio and strength segments in one complete workout.
  • Give your Legs a Break – We rely, almost completely, on our lower body to provide cardiovascular exercise. Upper body exercise allows users to perform a portion of their exercise without additional stress on the lower body.
  • Stay Fit While Injured – Upper body exercise provides a way to stay fit while recovering from a lower body injury. Often, seats are removable on UBEs so they have wheelchair access too.
  • Cyclists & Runners – Cyclists, runners and other athletes fall victim to local leg fatigue. An upper body exerciser supplements workouts, and reduces the risk of injury from repetitive strain or overuse.
  • Upper Body Warm Up – 5 minutes on an upper body ergometer, changing directions every 30 seconds, warms up and prepares the shoulders for a heavy upper body workout with weights.
  • Sports Performance – From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, upper body cardio conditioning added to a workout routine has shown to improve overall performance.
  • Types of UBEs – There are several different types of Upper Body Ergometers. They vary in their arm crank motion, come with or without a seat, and have different types of resistance systems and adjustment levels. To find out which would be best for you and your fitness goals, please contact one of our Fitness Exchange Professionals.


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  1. Orange County Personal Trainers says:

    Magnificent items from you, man!

  2. MBT says:

    Your blog website is excellent.

  3. personal trainers costa mesa says:

    Great post.

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  7. jon davis says:

    using Cybex UBE with seat all the way back for ex in 4 positions 1 standing 2 Leaning forward 3 leaning on back of seat 4 sitting

  8. anon says:

    Upper urgometers have proved a great warm up for me before hitting the weights. Been using one two months now, only twice a week and my arms have grown in size by over 7cm (nearly 3 inches). Also, as the article attests, it gives my legs a well earned rest. Can’t believe the difference.

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