Benefits of an Adjustable Stride Elliptical

When it comes to fitness equipment, one size does not fit all. To fully reap the benefits of an elliptical training program, a user must be comfortable. If not, the total body workout of the cross trainer is lost, along with the great cardiovascular benefits, bone density building perks and even the fantastic calorie burning moves. Adjustable stride ellipticals are designed to accommodate varying user sizes and allow each individual to have a natural, comfortable stride. Plus, they’re great options for those who want the challenge of being able to change their stride, or for those who are buying for more than one user. Here are some of the many benefits in having an elliptical with an adjustable stride.

  • Comfort – The stride can adapt to meet the comfort of each individual user, no matter their size or leg length.
  • Multiple Family Members – One elliptical will be comfortable for different members of the family, no matter their height.
  • Targeting Muscle Groups – Different strides work the leg muscles in different ways. By changing the stride on your machine, you’re able to target different muscles in your legs to gain overall balance in the strengthening of your lower body.
  • Added Calorie Burn – Changing your workout regularly allows your muscles to work harder and burn calories faster than doing the same routine each time you workout. Utilizing the adjustable stride combats the pitfalls of settling into something that’s familiar.
  • Motivating – Doing the same workout every time you get on an elliptical machine can get boring. Having an adjustable stride allows you to change your routine to stay motivated to meet your fitness goals.
  • Manual & Electronic Stride Changes – Some adjustable crosstrainers have manual stride changes and others electronic. Some models adjust while you are in motion and others adjust between workouts. To best figure out which type or style works best for your needs, one of our Fitness Exchange Professionals can assist you. Click Here For Contact Information.

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