2 New Fitness Toys That Are Actually FUN! Seriously. No Joke!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year involving fitness? How about cardio? Are you trying to get out and walk or jog more? If we could all enjoy our workouts – I think it’d be easier to stick to those New Year’s Resolutions. Case in point:

Have I ever told you that I hate running? Yep, you heard me right. I’m jealous of all the joggers in the park with big smiles on their faces. Cause no matter how hard or how long I jog, I still can’t stand it. Running is sooooooo boring.  Have you ever looked at your watch while jogging?  I honestly think that time slows down.

Well, I recently tried out a couple of new toys that I LOVE ’cause they are eliminating the boredom of exercise. And believe it or not, I’m now actually looking forward to a run today!

  • 2013 VISION FITNESS TOUCH – Treadmills, ellipticals and bikes with virtual reality simulations. You heard me right,…VIRTUAL REALITY. It is the single coolest new thing I’ve tried. You have a large 15″ touch screen panel which displays you jogging or running through exotic locations – all from your treadmill. And it’s totally interactive, if you see on your screen that you’re going up a hill through the Italian countryside – your treadmill inclines with you. The programs, the runs, even the touchscreen display are so much fun. Definitely NOT Boring. Added Benefit: Vision Touch incorporates Nike+, giving you GPS tracking, audio feedback and cheers from your friends while you run. You want extra motivation and immediate feedback from your activities – you’ve got it. CLICK FOR VIDEO
  • 2013 LFCONNECT – Ok, you don’t like the standard stuff a treadmill console gives you. Now you can Individualize and Customize your own course before you ever get on a piece of fitness equipment. Use LFConnect on your smart phone or tablet, and then upload it to your Life Fitness Equipment. Your mobile device plugs directly into the console and you’re good to go. You can even share your courses to workout with friends who are miles away. I can run on a treadmill at home while my brother runs the same course from a few states away. Running with friends from the comfort of my own home? Definitely NOT Boring. Added Benefit: How many times have you been well on your way to a fitness goal and then you have to stop for travel or vacation? Since LFConnect utilizes your mobile device, your workouts can travel with you anywhere. No reason to fall off the wagon just because life gets in the way. CLICK FOR VIDEO
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