Holiday Weekend Family Fun That Will Keep You Active

Some fun activities for the entire family on a holiday weekend, that will keep everyone moving and active:

  1. Museums – You’ll burn more calories walking around the exhibits than you would sitting in front of the TV or lazing about in a lawn chair.
  2. Farmer’s Markets & Flea Markets – They can be loads of fun, usually featuring music, and you can have fun walking around looking at local’s wares.
  3. Fly A Kite – You’ll be surprised at just how far you end up walking or running.
  4. Swim Time – The shore or a pool are fun ways to play in the sun – but try keeping it active by encouraging swimming contests, tossing a beach ball, or playing frisbee.
  5. Garden – Some of us, me included, love gardening. If it’s something you enjoy, weeding, digging, mowing,..are all activities that will burn calories and keep you sweating.
  6. Golf Time – Lose the golf carts and walk the course. Or if mini-golf is more your speed, it will still keep you up and moving around instead of lounging on a couch.
  7. Holiday Sales – I call it retail therapy. Browse your local shops and stores, you’ll be surprised how many steps you clock on your pedometer.
  8. Bowling – It’s great for rainy weekends or evenings. It’s fun that everyone of all age groups can enjoy.
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Dressed Up Watermelon is a Memorial Day Weekend Treat

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. Which means it’s time to start thinking of tasty, summertime treats. Watermelon is a healthy way to enjoy something sweet at your outdoor picnic or barbeque. And, all by itself, with very little work, it can be dressed up in fun ways to make it the hit of the party.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from around the web:

Watermelon on a Stick – Simple to do, helps guests keep their fingers dry, and it looks great too! Source:

Watermelon Lollipops – Use a cookie cutter to cut fun shapes into the watermelon and place them on the end of a stick. Source:

Watermelon & Feta Skewers - Cut bite sized pieces of feta and watermelon and alternate them on a skewer. If you want to get fancy, you can add a mint leaf too. Source:

Watermelon Ice Cream Cone – Scoop watermelon with an ice cream scooper and place on wax paper in your freezer for a few hours. Then serve in an ice cream cone! Source:

I’m looking forward to trying some of these simple ideas this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Let me know how you make out!

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