Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-owned & Refurbished Fitness Equipment

There are many benefits to buying Certified Pre-owned Fitness Equipment for your home gym.

Add Variety without Breaking the Bank – If you’re starting with a blank slate and want to install equipment that targets different areas of the body, then you are going to need to invest in at least half a dozen pieces of machinery. If you buy Certified Pre-owned Fitness Equipment, you can easily supply your gym with the variety you desire at a price that is within your budget.

Receive the Same Quality Products – Just because you buy your fitness equipment refurbished, doesn’t mean that you should expect them to perform worse than their newer counterparts. Most used fitness equipment is in the same shape is at was the day it was placed on a showroom floor. Furthermore, a reputable fitness equipment store, like Fitness Exchange, inspects the equipment so you don’t have to deal with sub-par performance after your purchase.

Achieve the Standards of a Professional Health Club - Instead of sacrificing quality for cost, you can optimize your situation by buying refurbished equipment. With the right amount of help from a fitness equipment representative, you can achieve high health club standards in your own home.

Buying fitness equipment can be intimidating. Make sure you go through a reputable dealer who stands by their products and has knowledgeable sales people to help walk you through the process. If you have any questions about new or pre-owned fitness equipment, you can contact us by CLICKING HERE or calling (800) 245-3175. We’d be happy to help!

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Benefits of Agility Training

Agility is the ability to decelerate, accelerate, and change direction while maintaining proper body control without losing time in the transition. The benefits of agility training include:

  • Injury Reduction.
  • Sports Training.
  • Quicker Reaction Times.

Specifically in sports, players with higher levels of agility have an athletic advantage during any game or match. They move more efficiently and faster when faced with sudden directional changes or spontaneous obstacles. In everyday life, improved agility can increase reaction time when slipping on an unstable surface or changing direction quickly to avoid a collision.

It’s never too late to start working on this skill. Speed and agility can be developed and enhanced with the right training and hard work. Agility equipment, such as Agility Ladders and Hurdles, are excellent tools to practice and enhance your overall agility. Constant movement during drills will not only work up a sweat, but build conditioning levels, improve reaction time, and decrease chances of injury.

Sports and Agility

Source: Prism Fitness

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