Benefits of Pool Workouts

It’s a heat wave outside and the pool is a great way to cool off. But it can also be a great way to incorporate fitness into your day. Pool workouts give you better balance and agility and it’s also a great fat-burner. Best of all, working out in the water doesn’t feel like work. It’s impossible not to smile as you jump into a pool — and enjoying your workout is the best way to make sure you’ll stick with it.

  • High Calorie Burn – The average thirty minute pool workout burns approximately 300 calories.
  • Cardio Endurance – If you’re in a cool water pool, your body has to burn calories just to keep your body temperature warm. Add that to your aerobic workout and you’ve increased the number of calories you’re burning during exercise.
  • Active Recovery – Due to the buoyancy of the water, and the lack of impact that joints and muscles receive, many exercisers are encouraged to perform pool workouts on training off-days. Not only can fat burning continue, but the active training can help build muscle quicker while continued conditioning occurs.
  • Non-weight Bearing – Water supports the body and helps alleviate the feelings of fatigue because it’s supporting so much of the body’s weight. In addition, flexibility results due to the wider range of motion the body can achieve due to the absence of gravity acting on the joints.
  • More Than Swimming – There are many aerobic and strength training activities to do in the pool that aren’t swimming. By simply jogging in waist deep water, you can get a high cardiovascular workout. You don’t need a lot of expensive gym equipment, it’s just you and the water.

Water Jogging


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Healthy Easy Hummus Recipe

Most hummus is made with Tahini, a sesame seed butter, but I’ve found I prefer mine without it. I think it tastes better and is healthier without all the extra fat. I love this recipe because not only is it healthy, but it’s fast, easy, and really inexpensive. Just five minutes and you’re done!


  • 1 can drained Garbonzo Beans (Chickpeas) with liquid held to side.
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon cumin

Add the chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and cumin to a food processor and blend until smooth. Add liquid from can of chickpeas slowly to get the hummus to your desired smoothness.

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