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The Spacewalker Treadmill is the answer to your New Years Resolution goals - stylish furniture for a small or multi-use space, yet robust enough to offer a great workout. No need to choose between how you utilize your room – making it a workout space or a family space. Just open up the treadmill to workout and close it up to be a sleek table or bench when you’re done. And it comes in multiple colors to go with any décor.

Spacewalker Treadmill Folds Into A Table



You can workout your entire body safely, efficiently and correctly - and with the freedom to do any exercise you want as if you were using free weights – with just one machine. The Jones Machine performs just like a regular Smith Machine, allowing you to safely move weight in a vertical plane. But unlike the Smith Machine, it also allows you to move that weight forwards and backwards, as if you were strength training with free weights. So you have the safety and ease-of-use, like a Smith Machine, with the freedom and correct biomechanics of a Power Rack and Free Weights, all in one, compact machine.

The Journal of Fitness Research concluded that the Jones Machine beats standard Smith Machines in the ability to perform exercises correctly. “The Smith Machine does not match the free bar path of the major exercises, while the Jones Machine…allows exercise specific and individual bar path variations.”

The Jones Machine Moves Forwards and Backwards as well as Up and Down.

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Affordable Fitness Solutions For New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Ensure that you stay motivated to meet your New Year’s resolution goals.

Certified PreOwned Fitness Equipment is an affordable solution to your New Year’s resolution goals. The used fitness equipment is inspected and refurbished to work like new, and will give you all of the benefits of a new piece of equipment, but at a fraction of the price. You can get the full, gym experience – complete with high-end treadmills, ellipticals and more,…with all of the bells and whistles – in the comfort of your own home. Motivation to meet those New Year’s resolutions will be easier when you have engaging workouts on top-of-the-line exercise machines, without having to navigate bad weather or traffic to access the gym. Certified PreOwned equipment can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Add Variety without Breaking the Bank – If you’re starting with a blank slate and want to install equipment that targets different areas of the body, you can afford to invest in cardio equipment, strength equipment or both! If you buy Certified Pre-owned Fitness Equipment, you can easily supply your home gym with the variety you desire at a price that is within your budget.

Receive the Same Quality Products – Just because you buy your fitness equipment refurbished, doesn’t mean that you should expect it to perform any less than a new machine. Fitness Exchange, inspects and refurbishes the exercise equipment and most come with a warranty too!

Achieve the Standards of a Professional Health Club – Don’t sacrifice quality for cost. You can optimize your home gym by buying refurbished equipment. The expensive, professional-grade pieces of exercise equipment can now become affordable for a home fitness area. With some help from a fitness equipment specialist, you can achieve high health club standards in your own home.

Save Money and Time – Without having to travel to a gym and pay steep monthly membership fees just to wait in line for a piece of equipment, you can now easily access the exercises you want, all in the comfort of your own home. This makes it easier and more likely that you will start, and stick with, a health and wellness routine.

Upgrade Your Fitness Equipment with a Trade-In – Going to a specialty fitness store, like Fitness Exchange, will allow you to trade-in your old equipment and upgrade to either new equipment, or commercial-grade used equipment. If you find you aren’t using your treadmill due to a knee injury, for example, this will allow you to replace it with a bike or other exercise machine that better suits your needs – all for a lesser price. Or even if you just want the latest technology and innovations, you can now get it and use your old equipment as a trade-in to save money.

Fitness Exchange is a locally owned and operated specialty fitness store established in 1997. Fitness Exchange carries new and pre-owned, residential and commercial fitness equipment. Fitness Exchange accepts trade-ins. Financing is available to qualified buyers on both new and pre-owned equipment.

Visit our website at for our current inventory of Certified PreOwned Fitness Equipment.

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