BH Fitness CS6i Upright Bike

$1,499.00  $1,299.00
Save: $200.00

The CS6i is a fully adjustable upright bike, with micro-adjust up/down. It also features the Bluetooth enabled i.Concept technology that allows for incredible entertainment and motivations options through your Apple® or Android® device.

i.Concept offers the 1st display technology designed for Apple® or Android®; and the ONLY seamless interface that will run apps and exercise programs simultaneously. The display console provides power to charge docked devices, but is fully functional without a docked device. i.Concept turns your favorite smart product into an integrated, interactive monitor.

Smoother operation is a sign of higher quality components. BH Bikes are engineered to work together and eliminate as much friction as possible. Friction is what causes excess noise. Noise = wear and tear. BH bikes are some of the smoothest bikes in the industry for these reasons and more!

BH Fitness is known for the stability of their equipment. A heavier frame and design is stronger and more comfortable for users of all shapes and sizes. The heavier gauge steel and better engineering in BH Fitness bikes provide years of worry free use.

BH Fitness CS6i Upright Bike
BH Fitness CS6i Upright Bike
BH Fitness CS6i Upright Bike
BH Fitness CS6i Upright Bike


  • i.Concept - The i.Concept display is compatible with Apple® or Android®.
    • Downloadable apps directly from BH Fitness.
    • 26 Built-in programs and 24 levels of resistance.
  • Micro Adjust - The micro-adjust fore/aft seat adjustment is a feature often-overlooked on electronic bikes. It allows for a custom fit for all users.
  • Polar® Wireless - Polar® wireless HR compatible. Use a polar HR chest strap to readout your HR on the display console or interact with built-in HR control programming.
  • LCD Display - Large blue-backlit LCD screen displays; Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Resistance and Pulse.
  • Cushioned Seat - Large cushioned sport seat provides the comfort required to go the extra mile.


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